Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Les Sins

Some people in the world just have the gift of making music.  They have a natural ability to compose beats, riffs, and melodies in mass amounts and have it sound good.  Dan Snaith, the genius behind Caribou and Manitoba, apparently recorded 670 songs for his album Andorra, while Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound releases albums and mixtapes at an alarming pace (he recently released four "Databank Bedroom" Volumes under Atlas Sound for free here).  Although I can't seem to locate the exact article, I once read an interview where someone said that Cox "shits out music that takes others months to make".  Yes, it's unfair.  Yes, I wish I could do that.  But alas, I cannot, and therefore I will instead pitch the idea that maybe Chaz Bundwick of Toro Y Moi is emerging as one of those artists.  In early January of 2010, he released the chillwave Causers of This, and has already announced a new album Underneath the Pine to come out in February of 2011.  Meanwhile, in July he released a single entitled "Leave Everywhere", and now has released a single for his side project called Les Sins.  Needless to say, it's been a busy (and successful) year for Mr. Bundwick.  What's cool is that Les Sins is not like Toro Y Moi, but very different.  As mentioned before, Causers of This was a chillwave album, utilizing dreamy synths and glitch.  Instead of making something that I'm sure a lot of people get high to, Les Sins is all about moving your feet, not bumming out on a couch.  The single Lina includes two European disco-inspired tunes full of awesome bass hooks and beats, with a sampling of a female vocal in the first song "Lina".  Damn, is it ever catchy as hell.  The future looks promising!  Have a listen to it below:

Pick it up here.

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