Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family of the Year

Last year, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros was one of the indie folk bands to make a name for themselves.  Now, just about everyone is familiar with their song "Home", which was a terrific throwback channeling the true hippie days of old.  Also, they are from California, which I imagine is quite appropriate considering the music style.  Now I wonder, is it possible Family of the Year could be following in Sharpe's path?  They're from Los Angeles, just like Sharpe, and also have a fantastic folk pop sound.  The sextet has slowly been making progress, starting to travel longer distances and play more shows outside of their native California.  They've also released an EP entitled Through the Trees earlier in the year, which was very well received.  My favorite song off of it is called "Chugjug", which bears a resemblance to "Home" with it's play between male and female vocalization.  It'll be sick to see what these guys have in store next, it's not every day a band can pull off some old-style folk.  Gotta love me some '60s!


Get it here.

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