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Around two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get an interview with a guy who calls himself Sky Hiker.  Recently, I also had the privilege of being able to interview another band that I've been into lately; they call themselves NazcarNation and they hail from the great city of Los Angeles.  Earlier this year, they released their first EP called Dynazty and follow-up album of remixes from that very EP.  The EP is very promising, offering a variety of different sounds and styles.  Songs range from a short instrumental psychedelic song entitled "The Swell" to "Trust Fall", which has a dubstep-like interlude in the middle of the song.  Meanwhile, tracks like "Destiny Intro" and "Beeswax" have a laid-back, tropical, sun-inspired sound to them.  Through and through, the EP is a fantastic listen, and the best part is that you can name your price to get it at their Bandcamp, so be sure to check it out!

NazcarNation is a trio consisting of Chris Wargo (beats, vocals), "Tiger" (vocals, guitar, bass), and Mark Balane (drums, bass).  Check out what they had to say below:

What's the background story behind NazcarNation?  How did the band come about?
Tiger:  We all worked together as a start up but in different departments.  Wargo and I started working on songs after deciding to start a band while watching Death Set over tall cans of Colt 45.  Wargo is boss at engineering and producing.  I play some instruments.  Balane is technically a badass at bass and drums but it took us awhile to figure that out since he's a quiet one.  He's also supremely stylish and we needed a rep in that department.
Wargo:  We just want to get fucked up and fuck bitches.  Being in a band was the best way we could come up with to do both ALL.  THE.  TIME.
Balane:  Sometimes I play guitar.

Which past artists/bands inspire you most when it comes to making music?
Tiger:  Joao Gilberto, the dudes from Pinback, Brian Wilson, Tears for Fears, Appleseed Cast, Bobby Caldwell, Todd Rundgren.
Wargo:  The lamb chop sing-a-long song.
Balane:  The Dismemberment Plan and Cornbread Compton.

What are some of your favorite releases to come out this year?
Wargo:  The Antoine Dodson remix, This Great Pressure by Jogger, The Lady Killer by Cee-Lo Green (I know it's not out yet but I know it will be dope as fuck), and anything from the guys who remixed our Dynazty EP (seriously).
Tiger:  I'm really digging the Electric Sunset album, the Brothertiger and Keepaway EPs, this album by a band in Pittsburgh called Mother Sun, the "Twins" (Sister and Shadow).  It's really overwhelming because there are so many amazing releases that are both catchy and abstract at the same time.  That balance has always been something that's hard to figure out.
Balane:  Warpaint's The Fool and Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.

On your remixes release you collaborated with such bands as StewRat and unouomedude, who are also making some great music at the moment.  Can fans expect any future endeavors with these groups?
Balane:  I am a big fan of anyone who takes time to remix our tracks.
Tiger:  We would be honored to work with any of those artists again.  They have a couch and a shower waiting for them in LA if they ever come through.  We booked a show with James & Evander (Oakland) when they were down here but the venue was closed by the cops a few days prior.  We ended up having them play in my basement.  Their set up is a Juno, Moog, Ableton, guitar, and a lil Casio and some effects so it allowed us enough space to pack 25 people plus the band in a 12x12 room.  Very intimate and sexy.
Wargo:  Love those guys.

Which modern music website (like Myspace or Bandcamp for example) has helped you the most in getting your name recognized and why?
Balane:  Do people still use Myspace?
Tiger:  We love the Bandcamp model, but in terms of recognition we owe it to the Tumblr blogs and recommendation sites like  It's weird to look at our page and see a 16 year old girl in Japan listening to one of our songs at 7 AM.
Wargo:  Twitter.  The epitome of online "word of mouth".

If you could play in any city in the world, where would it be and why?
Balane:  I heard they love us out in Germany and Mexico.  Anywhere in those countries.
Tiger:  Maybe somewhere insane like Easter Island or Florianopolis, Brazil.
Wargo:  First choice Pittsburgh, must rep the roots.  Second choice, what Tiger said but my choice would be within an Egyptian pyramid or Mayan temple.

Are you in the process of writing new music?  How does the style sound in comparison to the EP?
Tiger:  Yes.  I'd say it's simpler.  We want to limit the amount of elements going on.  The most important thing is to have a good melody and phrasing.  That and an instant recognizable groove are what people relate to most.
Wargo:  I am a big fan of interesting transitions and build-ups so there should be some fresh production techniques used in those areas.
Balane:  Our new jams are way sexy.

And lastly, what is the timetable for fans to expect your first full-length album?
Wargo:  When someone pays for us to record it in a legit studio.
Balane:  After we tour with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. in the "Indie 500".
Tiger:  We are all about the "donut holes rather than donuts" approach.  Probably just more EPs, remixes, singles, and the like.  If we were to ever do a full-length album, we'd need to quit our day jobs, move to a remote area and create some epic concept album with an overture and motifs.  In other words, a donut you don't get sick of by the end.

I've posted the songs "Destiny Intro" and "Beeswax" for you to listen to.  Hope you guys dig it, and remember to check out their Bandcamp to pick up the EPs.  And of course, thank you to NazcarNation for taking time to do this!

 Destiny Intro


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