Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tame Impala

Words cannot express my excitement.  This Friday I'm going into New York City to see Tame Impala, easily one of my favorite bands to have emerged this year.  I just can't get enough of their late-60s psychedelic revival, it's such a breath of fresh air from so much other crap that comes out these days.  Their psych-rock sounds pretty true to the era; I recently introduced them to one of my friends who lives on my floor and he said that if I didn't tell him they were a modern band, he "wouldn't have known the difference between them and a band from the '60s."  I think that's a pretty impressive feat for a band, not everyone can do that and do it so well.  As in most instances when I'm going to see a band live, I go through a listening binge beforehand.  As I listened again and again, I couldn't help but think that their earlier 2008 EP was put on the back-burner after the release of InnerSpeaker that came out this year.  Obviously a new release of such praise as InnerSpeaker would overshadow an EP that came out two years ago, but as I was listening to the Tame Impala EP today, I figured I'd try and revive it a little bit.  If you're at all into '60s psychedelic, definitely check it out.  Below I have posted "Skeleton Tiger" from the EP; have a listen:

 Skeleton Tiger

And for anyone who hasn't heard their new album InnerSpeaker, here's a little sampling of it with "It Is Not Meant To Be."

 It Is Not Meant To Be

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