Monday, November 1, 2010

Wild Nothing

Have you ever listened to a band that just seems to pump out music that fills all your musical needs?  One that makes good song after good song after good song?  I am going through this kind of phase with the band called Wild Nothing, where I am loving everything that's coming out.  I mentioned them in an earlier post about Craft Spells and I noted how they were one of my favorites, and that was even before I heard their new EP that came out on October 12th called Golden Haze.  Well, I have had my listening binge, and I couldn't resist writing about it.  One reason is due to the fact that the founder of the band, Jack Tatum, is achieving everything at the age of 21.  I find that incredible.  I can't imagine myself releasing two EPs and an album over the course of a year being that young (not taking into account the fact I can't play an instrument, of course).  On top of that, he's being written about on such websites as Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Drowned In Sound while touring the world.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

What I also like about Wild Nothing is that the music can be hard to categorize; it sounds unique.  It's obvious that Tatum listened to a lot of '80s music, since there is a lot of that fuzzy dream pop influence on his tracks.  Yet, there are also a lot of modern synths tailored with the current indie pop trends.  For example, it wouldn't be too outlandish to consider Wild Nothing as "chillwave", a lot like Blackbird Blackbird.  Either way, the music has some of my favorite guitar rhythms, like the title track "Golden Haze" on the new EP.  I love how it fades in, introducing the catchy guitar riff just like "Live In Dreams" comes in on their earlier album Gemini; it's a welcomed continuation of the great stuff Tatum has been releasing.  Below I've posted "Golden Haze" and "Take Me In" from their new EP, Golden Haze.  Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

 Golden Haze

 Take Me In

I've posted these and few more from the new EP here.  If you like any of these, I highly recommend checking out the album Gemini, released earlier this year.

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