Monday, September 20, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird is another recent addition to the growing chillwave surge that is hitting the indie scene.  Their angle on chillwave differs slightly from the previous post on Ducktails.  While Ducktails obviously has some pretty prominent synth use, a large majority of the songs clearly implement acoustic guitar.  On Blackbird Blackbird's newly released LP, Summer Heart, that sort of instrumentation is pretty much absent.  The album is almost entirely comprised of synth beats; the kind of music my parents would hate, who are used to the traditional way of making music.  It's a new time though, and now all you need is a computer to make a sweet song.

Summer Heart has all the catchy and synthy goodness that you can want, channeling celestial beats that are meant to bring you back to the lazy days of summer.  It's all tied together with ethereal and spacey lyrics that are so completely echoed and reverbed that you can barely hear a word they're saying.  It's pretty sick...if that's what you're in to (I've met some people who can't stand the stuff).  It kind of reminds me of a cool summer night as fall approaches, people adorned in flannel, a nice campfire going, and good company.  Below are the tracks "Hawaii" and "Dreams I Create" from the July release of Summer Heart.  Also, to try something new, I have posted a few more songs from that album on Mediafire.  So if you like what you hear, you can click here to download.  Hope you enjoy!


 Dreams I Create

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