Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid-State Orange

Much like Air France, Mid-State Orange is a complete mystery to me.  In 2006, they released their first and only album entitled Odds, and since then have done absolutely nothing.  What's strange is that their MySpace shows activity with their last login about a week ago, so someone is doing something.  But their MySpace says absolutely nothing about any future endeavors, and they've had the same songs posted for what seems like forreevvverrrr.  Also, they label their genre as "thrash/latin", which couldn't be further from the truth.  Then with self-descriptions stating that they believe in "democracy in principle and indulgence in practice; witchdoctors in hard times and feather boas in good", I can't help but mate?  Truth is, I don't know.

It's unfortunate, cause I would've been very interested in seeing what they released in the future (who knows, maybe they will release something).  It seems to me that they're talented enough, their lead singer Louis Richter was a member of The Lucksmiths, a relatively small band with a good sized cult following.  What I like is that Odds has a good amount of variety in it, which can speak to their range.  While overall they have a feel-good indie pop ambiance, songs like "Introduction to City Lights" carry a bass driven post-rock atmosphere like The Mercury Program.  They also experiment with a lot of different instruments, trying out violins and using synths in a variety of ways.  Perhaps, just like their MySpace, they're just having fun doing their own thing.  But like I said, I really have no clue.  It's a mystery.  You can check out "Introduction to City Lights" and "Rivers" below, with further downloads here.  Enjoy!

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