Thursday, September 16, 2010


Landscapes - Ducktails (2009)
In 2009, Matt Mondanile continued his solo project under the name of Ducktails.  The album released, Landscapes, contributed to the ever-growing genre of chillwave that has began to emerge in the indie scene.  Landscapes is pretty consistent with the genre, using dreamy soundscapes that seem to reflect the innocence of and casual nature of experiencing summer as a teenager.  It's laid back and very easy to listen to - hence the genre "chill"wave.  Needless to say, as someone who still is able to experience summers of freedom, this genre, and album have managed to strike a chord within me.  Below is a great track from that album.
 Landrunner - Ducktails

Interestingly enough, Mondanile's form of chillwave on Ducktails was largely instrumental.  This changed a week or two ago when he released his single "Hamilton Road" from an upcoming EP.  It continues with the relaxed nature he possessed on the last album, this time adding lyrics.  I am very impressed with it, it's catchy but also reminds me to take a breather, sending me vibes from the recent summer.  I haven't been able to obtain an audio file of it yet, but luckily, it is on YouTube.  I have posted the link below.  It's definitely worth a listen.

Hamilton Road by Ducktails

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