Friday, November 5, 2010

Lay Bac

Earlier this year, the band Lay Bac came out with an album that kind of freaked me out.  The album felt all over the place, infusing lo-fi guitar jams with indie club sounds and covering it all up with walls of static noise.  It was experimental to say the least, and in many ways it was haunting...almost creepy.  In my eyes, it was a musical enterprise gone awry.  Regardless, it generated a good deal of buzz.  I would imagine this is due to its attempt at originality and creativity, which as I've mentioned before, seems to be a desired standard of a lot of new music (an example I've mentioned before, folk artist Sufjan Stevens being praised with his recent glitch songs).  With that being said, when I heard Lay Bac was releasing a new single, I was skeptical.  Yet, as music proves time and time again, it can surprise the hell out of you.  The recent single, "Stay Out Tonight", is nothing what I expected...and since Lay Bac has thrived on being experimental so far, why not throw a curveball?  Instead of a daunting and fuzzy song, the instrumentation is cleaner (with exception of the vocals, which are echoed), and the track is given a dose of '70s disco influence.  Instead of dark, it's actually very uplifting, reminiscent of a summer beach track.  It's quite addicting, and I'm kind of hoping this is more the path they're going to take in the future.  I've posted "Stay Out Tonight" below, feel free to give it a listen.

 Stay Out Tonight

Download it here.

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