Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silent Enjoyment

The guys from Silent Enjoyment describe their music as a perfect companion for one's way home after a night out, or for traveling. Considering that tomorrow I leave for Argentina to visit my cousin (yes, another break the in action for Audio Splash!), I figured it would be perfect to pick up their new EP From Tulsa To Des Moines. The release, which has been floating around since the end of January, aims to combine the "convenience of Scandinavian pop" with the "dopeness of instrumental hip hop".  Since the band is currently located in Cologne, they also mention to have acquired some inspiration from various techno sounds in their present hometown.  What ends up being concocted is a slightly dark, dub-influenced fog of sailing electronics and melodic samples.  Considering all of this, Silent Enjoyment still manages to establish catchy hooks and draw the listener in with a well-laid out beat.  Have a listen to the first song of the EP, "From Tulsa", below.  If you want the whole thing, they offer it for free at their Bandcamp.  Since I leave for South America tomorrow, this is probably my last post until I get back (unless I have a quick chance tomorrow), so enjoy the next couple of weeks everybody!  Try not to miss me too much.

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