Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ace Reporter

Ace Reporter's threesixfive project is certainly one filled with ambition and enthusiasm.  What is it you may ask?  It's Ace Reporter's attempt to write and release one song, every day, for the entire 2010 year.  Yep, that's right.  One song every...single...day.  Even Ace Reporter himself admits that it's a "mildly insane" project. Nonetheless it definitely seems like an awesome idea; I feel like it opens up the gates of creativity allowing a boundless flow of ideas and experimentation.  It seems that Ace Reporter needed this outlet to get his imagination working once again; in 2009 he spent a lot of time touring, twittering, and promoting a record.  This didn't leave him with a lot of time to write music, at which point he became "frustrated with the situation" and decided to begin threesixfive as his "re-commitment to music".  What caught my eye is when Ace Reporter sent me his "Day 336" song today....a cover of Beach House's "Walk In the Park", which is easily one of my favorite songs of the entire year.  It's largely a violin and acoustic based cover, much more subdued than the original.  It's a very interesting take, and Ace Reporter crafts it delicately, still showing respect to Beach House's version.  You can listen to it on his SoundCloud below:

 Day 336: Walk in the Park (by Beach House)

You can access all of his tracks, which he offers for free download at his SoundCloud here.  Or if you want, you can check out his Bandcamp where he has offered his first of four free EPs, which will consist of a variety of handpicked tracks from the threesixfive project.  So be sure to take a look at that here.  For more information in general, you can visit his homepage here.

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