Sunday, December 12, 2010

Work Drugs

Final exams are fast approaching, and given that my first test isn't until Wednesday, I have a few days to mull over my impending doom.  There are still many chapters to be read and practice problems to be completed.  Given the large quantity of work myself and other students have in front of us, perhaps it is only appropriate that I have been listening to a band called Work Drugs. They sent me their first single "Third Wave" just in time for the onslaught of stress, anxiety, and burden of exams; in essence the track really did become a drug for work, it was a most pleasurable gift to help ease the tensions.  I suppose the most immediate parallels to "Third Wave" would be songs from artists like Washed Out or Memory Tapes, a lush mix of chillwave and dream pop with some parts consisting of "smooth sailin' yacht rock".  The song goes down so smoothly and absorbs itself so effortlessly that before long you'll be playing it over and over, wanting more and more.  Like work drugs, the track is addicting.  "Third Wave" is set for an official single release early next year, with a second single to be unleashed onto the internet shortly after.  The presently unnamed debut album that both tracks will be on is all recorded and mixed, and is also planned to be released early next year.  Another record to get psyched for!  Can't wait to hear the next single, and I'm already eager for the album.  Check out "Third Wave" by Work Drugs below.

 Third Wave

Best part?  You can download the song entirely for free at their SoundCloud here, so be sure to hurry over there and snag it before they change their mind!

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  1. I just love it, it's exactly what I needed to feel good. Voices in the background and everything...haha , well done.