Thursday, December 9, 2010

Midnight Ghost

Where I am currently located, temperatures are forecast to dip to the single digits, wind gusts are reaching up to 25 MPH, and there is the threat of snow in the near future.  On top of this, final exams are fast approaching, and my impending doom is starting to manifest itself in my head.  In times like these when you want to escape the stressful Arctic surroundings, it's nice to imagine yourself on the beach during the lazy days of summer.  No studying, no papers, real responsibility.  Enter: Midnight Ghost.  Listening to his music recently has been a good remedy for the frigid conditions and early 4:15 PM sunsets.  His most recent album, Monument (released September 1st), is an impressive assortment of dream pop, psychedelic, and lo-fi influenced tracks complete with that breezy summer ambiance.  Much like the recent bands Wavves and Best Coast, Midnight Ghost enjoys taking those fuzzy guitars and echoed vocals to create that classic, old-school, west coast music.  This is particularly true for the song "Pineapple Sunglasses", which has a distinct Beach Boys sound to it, as well as the song "We Have to See", which slows down the tempo and places you underneath the simmering July sunshine.  So while it may be winter, I'm kicking off the boots and replacing the snow with sand.  Take a listen to "We Have to See" and "Easy Way Out" from Monument below:

 We Have to See

 Easy Way Out

He offers the album Monument at a "name your price" option at Bandcamp, where you can also check out some of his other releases.  Be sure to download it and check out some of his other stuff, which you can do here.

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