Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Upon first listen of the synth-rocking British trio Polarsets, you can tell they are earnest and enthusiastic.  It's noticeable that they're excited, revved up, and ready to go, which is represented through a sense of their energy, which appears to be honest and genuine.  Perhaps they have good reason to be so amped, maybe it's the fact they've shared a stage with Ellie Goulding and De La Soul after only one year of being together?  Or is it possible that it's because they've received praise from British record producer Paul Oakenfold (Beastie Boys, Run D.M.C.)?  Their highly touted live shows and fast-growing following in Northern Europe could also be a factor. Whatever it may be, when they sent me their two singles I couldn't help but get absorbed into the danceable beats and captivating melodies.  They show good variation in their tracks as well; some of the materials sounds like it could be classified as house music, even borderline trance.  Tie this all together with some catchy guitar hooks and Rob Howe's higher pitched vocals, and you get the singles "Leave Argentina" and "Morning", electro-pop anthems that grow on you and grow on you.  I almost forgot to mention, they're not afraid of using those cowbells to the max, either.  Below I've posted "Leave Argentina" and an equally as awesome revamped club remix of the same song.  Give 'em a try.

 Leave Argentina

 Leave Argentina (Thomas Sagstad & Mike Hawkins Remix)

If you like these, I highly recommend you check out their other single "Morning".  You can do that at their MySpace, or you can check it at their SoundCloud for some free downloadddzzzzzz.

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