Saturday, January 15, 2011

Collagé Party

Sometimes I love thinking about how music goes from person to person.  As one of my good friends describes it, music can be seen as a gift, constantly exchanging hands and connecting people through an unseen force.  Collagé Party is an example of this, something that came to me unexpectedly, yet also brought instant joy.  I was hanging with my buddy playing some video games over some music when I heard some sort of disco-infused beat pop up on his playlist.  It sounded like something similar that I had heard before, yet at the same time was completely unfamiliar and new to me.  I may have been caught off guard, but a wonderful musical artifact had just exchanged hands and was placed into my lap.  I was instantly addicted, and I immediately turned to my friend and asked what it is.  The song was "Feel Alright", and it was by someone I had never heard of before, Collagé Party.  Such obsession of the song brought me to do a full out Google search on the band, which turned up little results, except for a MySpace, where I was able to listen to some of their other stuff.  Needless to say, I was very impressed. In writing this post, I tried to figure out some kind of way to describe their music, and the best I could come up with was "garage-synth".  A majority of their stuff is like a low-budget ambience, mixed together with many electronic elements, like it was produced in a rustic cabin or out in someone's backyard.  The scratchy recording definitely gives off an old-school feel, and for some reason it makes it sound more personal to me.  Still though, "Feel Alright" reigned supreme for me, which grabbed my attention immediately and sucked me in with its dance-tinged rhythm.  Now, since music is a gift, I offer it to anyone in the blogosphere who may have interest.  Have a listen to it below.

Be sure to check out the MySpace for some more tunes.

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