Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soft Black

Inspiration for music, or just about anything that involves creativity, can come from a multitude of different sources.  Whether it's childhood memories or another person's work that stirs the innovative region of the mind, just about everyone is unique.  For example, take the band Soft Black, who are known for making music based on lead singer's Vincent Cacchione's nightmares.  Their promotional song "Lions" is no different, which came from a dream of a brutal lion clash in the African savanna.  At first, a song about nightmares may sound dark and gloomy, perhaps a little gothic.  This isn't the case, instead the music sounds raw and down to earth, or as Soft Black describes as "unapologetic" and "unfeigned".  "Lions" sounds pure, going back to the days of classic rock where all you needed was a guitar, bass, and drums, making it a great song to show live.  This may be a reason why they've decided to endorse the track on the Green Screening Project, which is a medium provided by indie-label director Drew Norton to allow up-and-coming bands to shoot a music video and "bring their sound to life".  Included in the project is a band I've written about previously, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr..  Check out the video of "Lions" below, with an MP3 of the performance they have offered for free.

You can check out more of the project here.

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