Tuesday, January 11, 2011


One of the albums that I was really excited to cover in one of my end of year lists was European by the Swedish quartet Sambassadeur (named after Serge Gainsbourg's song "Les Sambassadeurs"). When all was said and done, I placed European as #9 on my list for 2010, so naturally I was excited to get some thoughts down about it.  Although it was released many months ago in mid-February, the record still strikes a great chord within me.  Perhaps one of the most brilliant aspects of it is Anna Persson's lush vocals; pure and resonant, which help drive the songs through the album.  European also utilizes an orchestra of string instruments, in many instances using violins to add a filling backdrop to complete a rich sound.  Another reason the album appeals to me is the overall atmosphere that embodies it; the summery and airy twee pop matching the artwork, cruising on a yacht in July on the Mediterranean.  In essence, it sounds quite European to me.  Below I've posted "Days" and "Small Parade" from European below, hope ya'll dig it.


Small Parade

You can check out more at their MySpace.

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