Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work Drugs

About a month ago I covered the band Work Drugs on the release of their first single entitled "Third Wave", a song whose smooth yacht-rock glo-fi helped illuminate the bleak winter days.  This end-of-the-year surprise from the Philly duo quickly made a huge splash on the blogosphere and became one of my favorite songs to close out 2010.  So naturally when Thomas Crystal (of Work Drugs) announced that a new song would be released on January 9th (today), the music nerd in me was drooling in anticipation.  My appetite was fulfilled with the new jam called "Dog Daze", a quintessential chillwave anthem dedicated to the mysticism over the seemingly invisible pulls of nature.  While the older "Third Wave" was also produced with a golden fuzziness, it managed to include an upbeat tempo that tempted you into tapping your feet, which is a little different from the new release. "Dog Daze" instead alludes more to the chill in chillwave; a slow and hypnotic dream in musical form.  If the release of their album later this year resembles anything like we've seen so far from them, the results could be scary good.  So take a look at "Dog Daze" below, and keep your eye out for their future ventures.  It's sure to be quite a ride.

 Dog Daze

You can download this and "Third Wave" for free at their SoundCloud or Bandcamp.  You can also check out their Facebook or MySpace.

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