Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cut Copy

Zonoscope, the new release by Cut Copy couldn't have come at a better time for me.  Literally two days before I left for my study abroad in Spain, I received news that it had leaked early.  I had always worried about what the music situation would be like abroad; I didn't know if acquiring it was going to be something hard to do, and people who know me or read this blog already know that I love Cut Copy.  Getting this album was of the highest priority.  If their previous album In Ghost Colours was in the form of a woman, I'd probably marry her (that's not weird to say, is it?).  So knowing that'd I'd have it to listen to in Spain was relieving.  The best part, though, was that it was good.  Really, really, really good!  In the weeks leading up to my first listen, I experienced nightmares about the possibility of it being terrible.  Yet instead it provides an interesting crossroads between In Ghost Colours and their future releases, perhaps a transition of sounds (like the 15 minute "Sun God", maybe a hint towards their forthcoming songs?). I had constantly read about how they wanted Zonoscope to introduce more organic percussion and create something different from In Ghost Colours, which they definitely accomplished to a degree.  Still, they stuck to many of the similar elements that made In Ghost Colours so great.  For example, the flow in Zonoscope is incredible, and is done so well that the entire record almost becomes one, its own entity.  It's truly a great album, to be listened to start to finish.  With all of this going on, Zonoscope has been on repeat and is playing on my iTunes/iPod constantly. With the early release, I'm lucky to have the chance to listen to it when exploring Europe, and it has already become the soundtrack for my early travels...couldn't ask for anything better.

Pharoahs & Pyramids


If you get a chance to listen to album, it's definitely highly recommended!  As mentioned before, I am currently studying abroad in Spain.  I still plan on keeping up the blog while I'm away, but I don't think I'll able to update it as often.  I will do my best, though, so stay tuned and I apologize for the gap in posts.

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