Friday, February 17, 2012

A$AP Rocky

I never expected to like A$AP Rocky.  When I was introduced to his mixtape LiveLoveA$AP, my friend told me that all he does is "rap about smoking weed, being fucked up, and getting his dick wet".  Since I find these themes to be one of the most annoying problems with modern hip-hop, I wasn't exhilarated with such a preface.  Then "Palace" came on; epic.  Next came     "Peso"; smooth.  I was hooked.  Knowing my tastes, I still can't figure out why I like him so much.  I'm thinking it may be how he carries himself, a basic dude who likes to have a good time.  He never appears to take himself too seriously, in fact at times LiveLoveA$AP is actually humorous, and I think he's aware of that.  Also, the auto-tune is at a bare minimum, if even used at all; what you see is what you get, and you gotta give a guy credit for that.  So what do you get when A$AP decides to make a more party-ready, synth-lined track?  The answer is "Celebration", an unbearably infectious hip-hop ballad that gives tribute to loving life and living large.  In typical fashion, there is no shortage of getting women and spending money.  The song is getting me amped, I can't wait to hear what he comes out with next.  He has all the criteria to make it huggeeee one day.  Check it out below!  Hopefully it'll get the weekend off to a good start.


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