Monday, February 13, 2012

The Man Whom

What is the point of music? For some it's to dance, for some it's scream, for some it's to unite, and for others it's to relax.  There is a multitude of reasons why we listen to music, but the base root is the same; to make us feel something, to instill some kind of emotional embodiment.  Ian Doyle, the lead singer of Ireland's The Man Whom, understands this. On his upcoming album The Greatest Event, Doyle makes strides to have you look into yourself and come out with sentiment.  It's a deep exploration, and with Doyle's swooning strings and melancholy atmosphere the door is wide open for self-reflection.  As the band writes, it "takes the experience of losing everything in the great Irish recession and translates it into rich, soulful layers of sonic longing".  Complemented with a mellow tempo, The Greatest Event simmers, allowing it to soak in.  The album is due out February 28th in America, but you can get a little preview with one of my favorites "I Know Your Face".  Have a listen to it below!  Enjoy!

 The Man Whom - The Greatest Event - 03 I Know Your Face by matchlessminds

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