Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's a surprising 60 degrees where I'm located, as such the windows to my apartment are wide open and I can hear kids playing basketball on the courts adjacent to my complex.  To celebrate this spring feeling I'll hit you up with the album Since June, a new release from solo guy Douglas McGillivray, who goes by the name Another. Since June is classified as "intimate ocean pop", which is a descriptor that seems to be coming up more and more often.  In my eyes this has come to represent a conglomerate of several ideas; usually there is an element of warm and fuzzy synths that reveal a sense of dreaminess, to support this the vocals are usually in echo and the instruments are given a fair share of reverb.  The end effect is meant to be relaxing and calming, perhaps simulating a lazy day on a boat in the middle of summer.  A favorite at Audio Splash, Work Drugs, follows a similar formula.  Since June has resemblance to this pattern.  Comforting?  Yes. Touches of electronic music?  Yep.  Moreover, it's in high spirits, which usually constitutes a pleasant listen (especially true for a day like today).  I've posted three songs below; album opener "Same To You", the ukulele-driven "Helicopter", and the slightly funky "Maika".  Have a listen, and if you dig it be sure to hit up his Bandcamp for a free download of Since June.  Peaceeeee.

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