Monday, February 27, 2012

Villa Kang

A lot of people have come to know the Canadian duo Memoryhouse as a band that lays your ears down on to a soft pillow.  Blissful and ethereal, Memoryhouse has proven to be a strong player in the chillwave genre.  So what if you made it a little more glitchy and psychedelic?  Villa King, an emerging producer out of Toronto, must've had that question boiling in his subconscious as well. Around one week ago he released a single with an A-side/B-side, with the former containing a sample of Memoryhouse's "To The Lighthouse".  He calls the track "Hallucinating Arkansas", and it's easy to see why he would refer to Memoryhouse as a base for the song; the mix of dream pop with psychedelia soar in the background, the combo supports the added glitch and snugly-fit sample.  The end product is what some artists have been referring to as "bliss-beat".  To get a listen I've posted the song below, yet also feel free to hit up his SoundCloud for additional listens and free downloads.  Or if you prefer, he has a homepage you can visit.

 Hallucinating Arkansas by Villa Kang

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