Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jean Caffeine

At this point last year my university was being pummeled with feet and feet of snow, we had at least one snow day per week for the first four weeks of school. Today is a different story; somehow, what is usually tundra is a lively 60 degrees and people are out in t-shirts and shorts.  To fulfill this spring spirit, I present to you the happy-go-lucky Jean Caffeine.  To say that she is new to writing music would be a complete lie; she used to be a drummer for the all-girl punk outfit called Pulsallama, and before the band separated they had the good fortune for opening for such legendary groups as Public Image Ltd. and The Clash. Unfortunately following the break-up, music was "thrown on the back burner"....until last year, when Jean released Geckos In the Elevator, a departure of her punk roots for some upbeat, fun, indie folk sensibilities.  It's hard not to sneak a smile when listening to the album's first single, "Jane Rearranged", it's just so damn happy!!  Luckily for us listeners, Jean has posted the track for free on her Bandcamp, which you can pick up here.  The rest of the album is also available here.  For your convenience I've placed the bright and melodious "Jane Rearranged" below.  Enjoy!

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