Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cloud Nothings

Ok I'll admit, I'm one of those kids on campus riding a bike to and from class.  For some reason we don't get much appreciation, but now that I do it I can't go back to walking.  Besides the obvious reasons of speed and efficiency, I've come to absolutely love throwing on some headphones while I'm cruising around and jamming out.  Loud, pulsating waves of music are just superb for it; for example, Crystal Castles is a great way to get amped in the morning. Another contender is Cloud Nothings and their new album Attack on Memory which came out on January 24th of this year.  The noisy release coincides perfectly with my recent affection for punk music, so naturally the stomping vibes have been satiating my appetite.  One of the great things of this album that makes it special are the adrenaline-laced guitar rhythms; it's some of my favorite work that I've listened to in quite some time, everything just fits.  One of my favorite bangers on the album is the instrumental "Separation", which I've posted below.  For those groggy morning classes, it's the perfect remedy to get my blood pumping.  To add some perspective, I've added another song, "Fall In", to show their lyrical side (but with no loss of delicious guitar).


Fall In

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