Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sometimes it's just nice to get lost in the wash of breezy, jangly guitars and cavernous vocals that comprise the dream pop genre.  The instrumentation has a funny way of lifting the listener skyward, suspended along a journey, until the song gently places us back on solid ground. "Location", the current single from the Brooklyn band Backlights, follows a similar methodology. Starting with slow and delicate guitar picking, "Location" begins to take off near the middle of the song, introducing us to busier noises and more enthused vocals.  The build of energy pulls us in, bringing the listener through a wonderfully serene sonic voyage.  The track comes to us off of the newest EP by the band, High Ceiling Nice Fiction, which was released earlier this year on October 20th.  As of now, Bandcamp is offering "Location" as the singular stream on the EP with other songs available for purchase (as well as the EP, obviously).  I've posted "Location" below, so be sure to check it out, and afterward you can find out more by visiting their Facebook or Twitter.  Dig it!


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