Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Lynx

So I come back from Thanksgiving break and amongst the e-mails I received in my past week of dormancy is one from the Swedish group Last Lynx. Lemme tell ya, the quintet from Stockholm hit it right on the mark...their new song is just what I wanted to hear to kick things back into the gear.  "Killing Switch" is the newest song to come from Last Lynx and the first original tune being released for about 11 months.  The track has instant likability, hooking the listener with a steady drum beat and infectious guitar lick.  The bass helps carry the song throughout its duration, aiding the edgy rhythm in cutting forward.  All in all "Killing Switch" is undeniably catchy, and it's sure to warrant multiple listens.  Have a listen to it below, then be sure to head over to their SoundCloud for more tracks and Facebook for more info on the band.

 Last Lynx - Killing Switch by LastLynx

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