Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Neeco Delaf

After a busy afternoon of running around, all I wanted to do was kick back with some music to calm my racing mind.  I was lucky, because Neeco Delaf's new release "Walking Alone" was just what I needed.  The song isn't entirely fresh, though; it appears on Delaf's debut album You Don't Know, which came out earlier this year on October 7th. The version that appears on the LP is largely instrumental, give or take a few whispered vocals, but this recent reenergized rendition incorporates the beautiful voice of Rubyrax, a musician from Toronto.  The addition is absolutely stunning, and it complements the slow, drawn-out beats of the original "Walking Alone".  The track is chill by most standards, giving you a legitimate reason to lay down with a good pair of headphones and close your eyes.  I feel like my brain is dripping with a tranquil serum.  I've posted "Walking Alone" below for you to find out for yourself, then be sure to head over to his SoundCloud for some extra songs.  You can also purchase You Don't Know over at Bandcamp with additional info over on Facebook.  You can snag a free download of the track here.  Enjoy!

 Neeco Delaf - Walking Alone (feat. Rubyrax) by Neeco Delaf

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