Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Villa Kang & Hazy Mountains

It's been a while since we've heard from Villa Kang, with approximately six months separating his newest single, "New Wings", from his last, "Touch of Evil".  In whatever he has released, Villa Kang has done a great job of allowing atmosphere to seep into his songs.  Even way back on "Hallucinating Arkansas" we feel a sense of space, like his synths are trying ever so hard to break free from the room.  The newest track finds the Toronto producer refining these ideas, and teams up with German musician Hazy Mountains to do so.  The matching is ideal, the glo-fi oriented ambient Hazy Mountains complements the need for Villa Kang's cavernous melodies.  To tie it all together, "New Wings" has a fluttering chorus that acts as both unique and familiar, like something you've heard before that you can't quiteeeee put your finger on.  The song is available for streaming below, but you can head over to Kang's SoundCloud for a download.  He also has Twitter and Facebook.  For more on Hazy Mountains, be sure to visit BandcampFacebook, or SoundCloud.  Enjoy!

 Villa Kang & Hazy Mountains - New Wings by Hazy Mountains

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