Monday, November 12, 2012

Josh Kumra

If there is one thing that can be said about Josh Kumra's new single "Waiting For You", it's that his inspiration for the song comes from a wide array of origins.  He uses his raspy vocals to accentuate the underlying blues, acoustic, and rock tones that serve as the foundation.  As "Waiting For You" builds along its path, Kumra creates drum beats and guitar licks that appear to lurch forward in an attempt to escape the speakers its caged in.  The accumulation of these separate elements creates a unique and catchy song, one that makes it clear why he has been growing in popularity across the pond in the U.K.  "Waiting For You" is the first track available to hear from Kumra's upcoming album, which doesn't have a title or official release date yet.  Still, if anything "Waiting For You" clearly displays Kumra's songwriting potential, and will certainly get a majority of people excited to hear the full LP. Stream the track below, then be sure to make some visits to his FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud.

 Josh Kumra - Waiting For You by JoshKumra

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