Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Moccasin

When it came to starting Mr. Moccasin, the duo that comprises the band has been quoted as saying that they wanted their music "to play with impossibilities and chance".  One doesn't need to look far to see why; lead singer Hanna Badalova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan where she developed an interest for poetry, a hobby that would act as a medium for telling the stories of her family fleeing genocide in pursuit of greener pastures in Baltimore.  It is here that she met Jared Fischer, who shared a passion for music and had actually been in a band for quite some time. Somehow, someway, despite starting their lives half a world away from each other, the two met.  Chance; it's what Mr. Moccasin was born from.  While this isn't an entirely uncommon occurrence in the world I mention it because it's important to the band's identity, and it shines through in the group's new single "Black On Black".  Coming from the forthcoming album XAHA, the track is an adventurous dive into the use of atmospheric, guitar-driven rhythms.  "Black On Black" draws a line between rock, folk, and punk, incorporating such styles and sounds without putting too many cards into one genre, instead coming across as universal.  Still, utilizing these aspects Mr. Moccasin is able to create a unique quality that sounds as equally ambitious as it does genuine. Considering their history, anything else would be a surprise.  Check out "Black On Black" below, and then be sure to grab the song for free over on Bandcamp.

Black On Black

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