Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Angelica's Elegy

It's unfair how our ears can deceive us.  We think they're picking up on everything they can, when in reality they sometimes need a little help. Headphones, for example, are a wonderful boost. Without such assistance, I could have very well missed the subdued piano playing in the background of "When You're Asleep" by the Norwegian group Angelica's Elegy.  The track absolutely soars, lifting white-washed synths to wondrous heights. Mix this with buoyant vocals and a steady drum pattern and you have yourself a shoegazing beauty; surges of noise are complemented with quieter accents, delivering a wholesome contrast that flows effortlessly along its path.  The song comes off of the Cognitive Dissonance EP that was released on August 27th of this year, making it a fantastic late-summer jam as we transition into the cooler fall months.  Have a listen to "When You're Asleep" below, and then be sure to check out the EP available over at iTunes.  More information on the group can be found Facebook, so be sure to show them some love over that way, too.

 ANGELICA'S ELEGY - When You're Asleep by Riot Factory

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