Friday, September 28, 2012

Kjartan Bue

For this Friday's segment we're going to tone it down a little bit.  I'd like to present Kjartan Bue, a half-Danish half-Norweigan folk singer who is currently residing in Copenhagen.  Everything about Bue comes across as very poetic, whether it be represented in his music or in the background story of his forthcoming album.  His new single, "Old Woman", is a great representation of this. His hushed, comforting vocals play along wonderfully with the soft guitar picking in the background.  His method of delivery, as well as the accompanying lyrics, paint a beautiful image of something that may otherwise be considered austere.  This comes to us as the first taste of Bue's album called Man Running Backwards (set to be released on November 15th), which was created in an eastern facing room at his father's farm at Moon Mountain.  Each day he sat and went to work with a view looking out over three grazing Icelandic horses, which isn't the worst place to create a LP.  Poetic, no?  I've placed the song "Old Woman" below for your listening pleasure, so be sure to check that out.  To listen to some more of his tracks, head on over to his SoundCloud.  There is also an abundance of information available at his Facebook.  Happy weekends ya'll!

 Old Woman by Kjartan Bue

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