Tuesday, September 4, 2012

El Perro Del Mar

Listening to El Perro Del Mar is a bit of a trip.  What she puts out is strangely familiar, when in reality it's nothing you've heard before.  It's for this reason that the Swedish songwriter, Sarah Assbring, has managed to catch my (and many others) attention. The recent push in her output is the result of the incoming album Pale Fire, which is set for a November 13th release date over here in the United States.  "Walk On By", the most recent single to find its way onto the mediawaves, shows her unique craftsmanship with a matter-of-fact, dilly-dallying conglomerate of a meandering bass, delicate percussion, and sneaky horn section.  What ties everything together are Assbring's beautiful nonchalant vocals, adding to the already laid-back track.  I've posted "Walk On By" below, as well as an older song "Innocence Is Sense" to show her capabilities.  Keep an eye out for Pale Fire this November, and in the meantime pay a visit to her SoundCloud and Facebook.

 Walk On By (radio edit) by El Perro Del Mar

 Innocence Is Sense by El Perro Del Mar

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