Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange Talk

I'm back!  And there's nothing better than returning to work after a week in the sweltering desert in the middle of nowhere and then being greeted with an energetic and lively track that subsequently removes you from the realities of the world once more.  When you listen to "Cast Away" by the Melbourne four-piece Strange Talk, you become completely absorbed in its delivery, its draw, and its message.  In this sense, Strange Talk has landed upon a gem; "Cast Away" is friendly to listeners of all ages and genres, delivering relatable qualities that dodge the pattern of recycled pop garbage.  For this, Strange Talk has successfully been able to carve out a unique enough niche to garner the attention of people all over the interweb.  In these days, that means the world.  I'm confident that the infectious synth washes will win you over, too.  "Cast Away" comes to you as the first single off of their debut album, which is due out in the early months of 2013.  Coinciding with the audio release of "Cast Away" is the music video for it, something you can thank Nylon Magazine for debuting.  I've posted the video for "Cast Away" below, but if you want the usual audio stream I've included the SoundCloud player below it.  Since I know you'll be tempted, you can learn more over at FacebookTwitter, or listen to more of their work at SoundCloud.  Get listening!

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