Friday, September 14, 2012

Work Drugs

The awesome Philly band Work Drugs has just announced their newest, and also last, single off of their Absolute Bearing LP.  It's called "Council Bluffs" and it "borrows on themes of social injustice, westernization, and the frustration that often accompanies songs of social protest".  It contains the classic smooth vibe that Work Drugs has done so well in solidifying.  You can check out the album here on Bandcamp.  Work Drugs also has outlets on FacebookTwitter, SoundCloud and a homepage, so be sure to check those out.  "Council Bluffs" is streaming below.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be around next week on a count of I'll be camping in a desert in the middle nowhere until next Saturday.  Posts will resume when I return to civilization.  Try not to miss me too much.

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