Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hunting Grouds/Gold Fields

A little less than two months ago I had the pleasure of writing up on Hunting Grounds and their new album In Hindsight.  It was a great release, and now the group has garnered the attention of the Ballarat natives Gold Fields, who have released a remix of the Hunting Grounds song "Flaws".  Seeing as both bands are from Ballarat, an Australian city, it would make sense that the combination of the two flavors mixes so well.  With vocals that bring to mind Cut Copy, it would seem the Australian synth sound carries some parallels.  Thank god it does, because the wonderful remix is one you'll be itching to hear over and over again.  The best part is that they offered a free download of it over at SoundCloud.  For more information on Hunting Grounds, head on over to their Facebook or homepage (which links to other outlets).  Gold Fields can be reached at FacebookTwitter, and Bandcamp, so be sure to pay a visit to those.  "Flaws" remix streaming below!

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