Friday, September 7, 2012

The Shamefaced Sparrows

To wrap up the week I deliver to you guys a hefty portion of that delicious lo-fi garage rock.  In the case of British duo The Shamefaced Sparrows, though, it's not technically "garage" rock.  On their newest released demos the band is said to have used a battered four-track that "likes to delete songs on its free will" in a basement. They've even said: "We're not even sure exactly how to work the recorder efficiently.  All we can say with even a morsel of assurance is that the red button means record".  It sure sounds like it, for their three new demos are three wonderful tracks that bring to mind older bands like The Kinks or The Velvet Underground.  For all the scrumptious '60s surf rock they've delivered to the internet, all I can say is thank god they figured out how to use that four-track.  I've posted my favorite of the demos below, "Apple Tragedy", with more listens and free downloads available on their SoundCloud.  Happy weekends everyone!

 Apple Tragedy (Demo) by The Shamefaced Sparrows

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