Monday, October 1, 2012


If you're looking for a hardworking band, one that provides new music just as your getting bored with your current library, then you need not look much further than Brooklyn's Woods.  If you've followed them for any of the past seven years, then you've probably noticed how they come out with a new album every year.  The bonus here is that by this point it's also fair to expect the music to be high quality, for they're also one of the more consistent groups out today.  This year's Bend Beyond, which came out September 18th, is proof that even after the constant bombardment of new albums, Woods continues to offer exciting material.  The obvious and instant appeal to Woods is their clear admiration for psychedelic folk bands of the '60s and '70s; I constantly hear them compared to the likes of the Beach Boys.  The main divider between that parallel though is that Woods isn't as flooded with sunshine as the Beach Boys have become synonymous with, but instead focus more heavily on the folk aspect of their music instead of the pop sensibility.  For Woods it pays off.  It has, and while I don't have a crystal ball, I feel it's safe to say it will continue to pay off.  At least I'm crossing my fingers it does.  I've posted one of my favorites from Bend Beyond, "Impossible Sky", below, so be sure to give that a listen and then head over to iTunes to grab it.  Enjoy!

Impossible Sky

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