Monday, October 15, 2012


It wasn't too long ago that the Chicago trio ON AN ON was a quintet in the form of Scattered Trees, a band which wasn't afraid implement common pop tendencies into their releases.  Shortly after the release of their album Sympathy, two members flew the coop earlier this year, thus leaving the remaining three with a decision to either disband or continue onward.  The choice was to move forward, and what birthed from this verdict was ON AN ON's first single "Ghosts".  Everything that you might expect from Scattered Trees seems to have been ditched in their new material; "Ghosts" is a slow-burning dream pop masterpiece, taking sparse percussion swings a la Beach House and overlapping them with raw, poignant strumming in a style that would make Modest Mouse proud.  Initially these elements appear out of place, lacking a particular flow or direction, only to coalesce into a fitting conglomerate of beautiful dream atmospheres and varying textures.  The build up alone is worth raving about, for the melodies that reveal themselves throughout the song's duration are quite memorable.  "Ghosts" comes off of the forthcoming debut album for ON AN ON, which is set to hit the market on January 29th of next year.  In the words of the group, the album will be a "dream-washed textural journey armed with a biting perspective on life, love, and the commonality of loss".  Well, don't need to twist my arm.  You can take a gander at the brand-spankin' new video for "Ghosts" below with the SoundCloud audio underneath that.  Be sure to hit up their Facebook for some more info.  Enjoy!

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