Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today the Brooklyn quartet Lazyeyes played in their first CMJ showcase, an honor that is deserved for the young band and their well-crafted version of indie rock.  So far we've only been treated to two tracks off their debut EP (which should be released in a month or so), but I've seen a sizable enough sample to declare my excitement for their future.  Lazyeyes sound strangely unique, mixing together elements of fast-paced alternative, guitar-driven punk, and subdued lo-fi.  I'm having trouble figuring it out, which could be part of the reason for my interest in them.  There is a tinge of beachy infusion, something most notably present in "Nostalgia", a beautiful song that rides the same groove Beach Fossils have been fantastic at producing.  The riff that propels the tune is high-pitched and clean while the vocals are blanketed in a film of dreamy fuzz, extending a hand out to those keen on surf rock.  Their other track, "Forever", is similar, except appears to be slightly more complex and slightly more inspired by punk rock.  Either way, both are intriguing examples of summer rhythms, despite the fact they may not appear as such at first glance.  I've posted "Nostalgia" and "Forever" below, so be sure to listen to those. Afterward, feel free to browse their Bandcamp and Facebook.

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