Tuesday, October 16, 2012

N8 ST9

The last time we heard from N8 ST9 was over the summer when he had just released his debut song "Shooting Star".  The best way to describe it is a hypnotic journey that drifts in and out of wobbly synth lines and drum beats, the kind of music I would find in the soundtrack to one of my dreams.  N8 ST9's newest song "Impact", posted yesterday, has once again sent me into a daze. Although not as long as "Shooting Star", "Impact" packs a punch into its 5:52 duration.  This time around, N8 ST9 diminishes the use of the synth in replacement of grandiose orchestral elements. To set the tone, he implements a calming vocal track that alternates between himself and guest contributor Sarah Rose.  About a minute in the track really begins to take flight, introducing the powerful backbeat that sets the foundation for the soaring string section.  To have a taste of "Impact", all you need to do is click the play button below.  For more on his work you can always visit SoundCloud, although he has also been known to dabble in Facebook and Twitter.

 Impact by N8 ST9

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