Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey Sholay

It has only been a few weeks since the digital release of Hey Sholay's album ((O)), but excitement for their current single "My Blood" is in full swing.  Perhaps it could be for the character the track achieves; the lead vocals are equal parts inspiration and saddening, but full in emotion.  Maybe it's the accessibility it offers; it's a slice of indie pop cake, complete with a swell of melodious guitars and an inviting chorus.  Not to mention, the build throughout the whole song is well worth the reward at the end; a deep bodied congregation of well-composed instrumentation, an attempt to erase any empty space.  It pays off beautifully.  Now, Hey Sholay has released a video to go along with the song.  It was shot by the band over the course of two weeks on a strict budget of 40 pounds.  Prop feathers, blood, petrol, and the odd snack are listed as the reasons for spending.  You can check out the video directly below, but if you prefer there is a stream of the song under that.  You can learn some more about Hey Sholay over at their Facebook or Twitter with some additions listens available at SoundCloud.  Dig it!

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