Thursday, October 4, 2012

Team Genius

Well, that was a hell of a lot of fun to listen to.  A few days ago the Brooklyn based group Team Genius had an EP Release Day in preparation for the follow-up New York Songs, their forthcoming album.  During the Release Day Team Genius uncorked three separate EPs of varying themes; Whiskey Songs, Pop Songs, and Loud Songs, an ambitious project that covers a lot of ground.  The EPs work though, they're full of character and they stick true to their intended personalities.  As you would imagine, each one has a different feel to it.  Whiskey Songs has a dated novelty and carries a sense of camaraderie, the aesthetic of which sounds like Titus Andronicus.  Loud Songs is...well, louder; the tempos are faster, the reverb a little rougher, and the vocals more projected.  Alternatively, Pop Songs is conventional, containing the melodies and styles the average listener is more associated with.  They may be distinct, but if there is one element that ties all of them together it's friendship and teamwork.  The EPs honestly sound like a blast, like Team Genius had the best time making them.  That sense of fun and creativity really shines through on each release.  I've posted some of my favorites below, and one from each EP: "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" from Whiskey Songs, "All Ours" from Loud Songs, and "Love and Love Songs" from Pop Songs.  As awesome as these are, don't forget about November 6th when the New York Songs LP drops.  You can stream the remaining tracks over at their label's SoundCloud, and if you want more on the band both Facebook and Twitter will do just fine.

 Team Genius - I Wouldn't Change A Thing by Paper Garden Records

 Team Genius - All Ours by Paper Garden Records

 Team Genius - Love and Love Songs by Paper Garden Records

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