Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trails and Ways

So it has happened, the moment I've been eagerly waiting for has arrived.  Ever since I heard their song "Mtn Tune" earlier this summer, the Oakland band Trails and Ways has been one of my favorite emerging acts as of late.  I felt this was only proven further when they released their Sure Thing EP, a compilation of wonderfully executed covers.  Around this time they promised more material would be on its way soon, a vow which has been fulfilled today.  "Border Crosser" is the first original track they've made since "Mtn Tune", and it's pretty significant considering that it represents the leadoff single from their debut full-length album, Trilingual.  This is our first glimpse at how Trails and Ways is going to fit their lush dream pop styles into a conglomerate, a consistent and fitting conceptual whole. We won't know the complete details until Trilingual drops early next year (exact date still unknown), but from "Border Crosser" we can gather that the band is in touch with their opinions, utilizing music as a medium to put forth their ideals.  Inspired by one member's grandparent's journey to California, we are carried on a melodious voyage that hints at sacrifice and the importance of family.  On "Border Crosser" their verdict is clear: love for one another doesn't, and shouldn't, know any boundaries.  With such meaning defined in the history it's obvious this song is important to them, and as such it would make sense that a statement piece like this symbolizes the kickstart of their first ever LP, the beginnings of their voyage.  I've posted "Border Crosser" below for you to listen to, with a free download available here.  All you need to do is like their Facebook page.  You can also follow them on Twitter, with additional streams at SoundCloud.

 Border Crosser (free download) by TRAILS AND WAYS

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