Thursday, October 25, 2012


One of the freshest bands to come to us from Scandinavia is the blossoming Colleagues, who formed earlier this summer.  So far we've only been treated to "Parents' House", which is unfortunate, because afterward you'll only be longing for more.  The debut single is a wonderfully youthful and energetic electropop jam, synths from all angles are constantly jabbing at you in light-hearted fun.  The song really seeks to touch your inner adolescent, just the name "Parents' House" infers an escape to the teenage years.  What really makes the song whole, though, is the implied romance embedded within the lyrics.  The juvenile, innocent fling between the lead and the girl is perfectly relatable, and as the song continues you almost believe that you're flirting with her too. If not, then at least you want to be.  I'm sure she's gorgeous.  I've posted "Parents' House" below for you to listen, and if you would like to follow Colleagues as they continue their quest, you can follow them on Facebook or SoundCloud.  They also have a homepage you can view.  Happy Thursdays!

 Parents' House by Colleagues

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