Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This past spring the folk group Balto released their debut album called October's Sky, which is based on lead singer Daniel Sheron's experiences of when he abandoned his life in Moscow and went alone into Siberia. It's an incredible story, and it's the same guy who turned out to have jam sessions with his band outside their local library and achieve the name "The Assholes Outside the Library".  In my opinion, that means you're doing something right.  Such would appear to be the case, especially with the release of Balto's Monuments EP which came out last month.  If their jams sounded like this, I don't see how anyone could call them assholes.  Monuments is a piece of folk beauty, employing a wide range of string instruments like guitars, mandolins, banjoes, accordions, and upright bass.  The harmony between all of them blend wonderfully to add a tinge of country to an already easily accessible and interesting folk-driven EP. That's not even mentioning Sheron's vocals, which carry the tunes along effortlessly. I've posted two of my favorite songs below from Monuments, "Gravestones" and "Doves", so be sure to take a listen to those.  Afterwards, their Bandcamp has the rest of the EP, with Facebook and Twitter offering more info.  There is also a main homepage you can run over to.  Dig it up!


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