Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joel Hood

It's fascinating to see two artists who you respect somehow morph into one singular unit.  What's even better is when that end result is awesome. Take for example Joel Hood, whose gentle electronic arrangements would sound pleasing to just about anyone, and match him with Astronauts, etc., who specializes in comfortable and melodic dream pop.  All you need to do is look at it on paper to see that the pairing is ideal.  Well, around two months ago Astronauts, etc. released "Mystery Colors", his heavenly debut single that seemed to excite the blogosphere.  As we fast forward to the present, Joel Hood has remixed his own wonderful rendition of the hit track.  Still equally as tranquil, Hood's remix lowers the focus on the original's drifting synths and replaces them with his own delicate electronic accents.  You can stream the song below, with a free download as well as other pieces of work available on SoundCloud.  You can also visit his Facebook or Twitter.  One more thing, keep an eye out on November 8th when Hood will make his own "Teardrops" available for free download on Bad Panda Records. Enjoy!

 Mystery Colors (J.Hood Remix) by Joel Hood

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