Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blue Boats

In early September of this year, the U.K. film student Oliver Gale graced us with the wonderful single "Summer's Down", a song that made the transition from summer to fall much more bearable.  Now, Gale has released his newest single entitled "I Am The Only One", a slow-burning ballad bursting with emotion. Whereas previous tracks were more jovial, his new track flexes his songwriting capabilities, putting his melancholy styles on display.  In-between his verses, Gale unleashes high-pitched bellows, indicating what seems to be a cry for help.  In the forefront the lines "you have done enough" are on repeat, exhibiting a sense of anger and sadness.  Yet, towards the end we're treated to an uplifting guitar riff, an infectious rhythm which lifts us from the doldrums and instills hope in the future.  All and all it's a wonderful piece of music, and one that should snag the interest of previous Blue Boats fans.  You can listen to the new "I Am The Only One" below, then be sure to take a visit to his Facebook and Twitter.

 I Am The Only One by Blue Boats

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