Friday, October 26, 2012


Earlier this summer I was introduced to the brothers that comprised the duo Madràs.  They had just come out with their debut album Things Can Change, and what impressed me most was what they did with so little.  Quiet and fragile, the buoyant guitar licks made you feel as though you were floating.  That's why when I heard those same brothers also played in a band called Fou, I was eager to hear what they were all about.  Not surprisingly, the product is fantastic and beautiful. The idea is similar, on Fou's 2-song release Boy the group plays with space, manufacturing ethereal dreamscapes that are both calming and engaging. The set up is also minimal, utilizing your basic guitar-bass-drum trio of instruments. Upon first listen, I likened them to the slowcorers Galaxie 500, another group who stripped down to the fundamental arrangement, succeeding wonderfully.  The main difference between Boy and Things Can Change is that Boy includes much more texture. Piercing guitar slides tend to break the silence much more so than in their previous work, giving the release a gazey feel.  It's great music, and definitely worth a couple of listens.  Plus it's a free download, they're basically handing awesome to you on a golden platter.  I've placed both songs from Boy, "Colour Me In" and "Don't You Know?", below for your listening pleasure.  Afterward, be sure to hit up Bandcamp to snag it.

Colour Me In
Don't You Know?

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